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Why Choose US?

1.Our commitment

Impact Networks is committed to provide your business with the most updated network solutions that current technology enables. Our highly skilled engineers partnering with leading vendors will design the most advanced network connectivity solutions available. We will use cutting edge technology to create a tailored customized solution adjusted to your needs and maintain the highest standards of excellence and customer experience.

2.Our expertise

Impact Networks will always maintain the highest standards of technology to eradicate user's entry and reduce equipment cost. We can provide your business with a 360 suit of integrated solutions as a one stop shop which allows you to enjoy A comprehensive view of the infrastructure and significant cost savings.

Yet, our most significant strength lies in our skilled human capital that with professional knowledge and uncompromising commitment leads highly complex projects with great success. To them we owe the phenomenal growth we had witnessed so far.

Impact Networks is a registered partner by leading manufacturers, so we can ensure the most updated technologies for you global wise

3.Our Experience

For the last two decades we have been working on building integrative solutions and infrastructure in various industries such as Hospitality, High-tech, Finance, Commercial centers, Transportation, Telecom and Government organizations. We also operate in the private sector, we are highly skilled with upgrading to 'smart homes', security cameras and intercom systems for face recognition. Our unique expertise is in the marine arena, implementing and designing technologies in giant yacht.

We possess the knowledge and the experience in establishing stable infrastructures capable of ensuring security and business continuity, due to our expert and creative team that will design the exact solution for you and turn your dream into reality.

4.Our Vision 

To be committed to the security and safety of our customers. To excel in creating technological infrastructures that enable complete information security. Always conducting great performance and exceptional service while leading our projects with innovation, trust and teamwork.

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