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IT Solutions
for Your Bank

Impact Networks offers vast of experience in delivering turn key projects in Banking & Financial institution market , By providing full package for your organization  :

Impact networks has business and technical experts who have made the Financial market their primary focus.

IT Support ,Cyber Protection ,Cloud Computing ,all type of Network Communication ,VOIP ,Multimedia ,Video Conference Room  CCTV and Intrusion Alarm, Video Walls & Digital Signage 

Ready to head out on the market with modern, upgraded technology? Explore our IT services For your organization . 

Network Comm - WLAN ,LAN

Simplify Communications. Focus on Conversations. Increase Productivity.

Impact Networks believes that giving people the right tools and support is the best way to help them do their jobs. An effective collaboration and communications strategy enables employees to work smarter and more efficiently, ultimately increasing productivity and business profitability.

Today, communication and collaboration tools are the best way to maximize the performance of the talented individuals you trust to deliver exceptional customer experiences.



  • We provide a worldwide VOIP Solutions

  • Whether you are a one office  or many offices customer, our wide range of VoIP services allows you to unleash the power of the Internet to transform your communications.

  • We provides a full range of VoIP solutions which are ideal for Corporates  looking to implement a reliable and advanced telephone system.
    We offering a cheap phone calls over the internet for Corporates  

  • Call center capability,Music on hold and more...


Multimedia & Video Conference Room 

  • Multimedia has become a part of daily life on the internet and many companies and commercial organizations using this media to talk about the company and its business activities

  • Multimedia is the effective way to communicate with customer in the world . It is used widely in different sectors by using different types of media like video, animation, sound, text and picture. The evolution of multimedia has evolved new challenges and opportunities in the business world.

Conference room_edited_edited.jpg

CCTV & Intrusion Detection 

CCTV is a core part of any business security system. Impact Networks uses the latest HD video surveillance technology with 24/7 monitoring, giving you full view of any situation.

Our products and services meet strict international standards and hold accreditations across the board. Meaning we’re not just one of the most experienced names in Corporate security, we’re also one of the most trusted.


VideoWall &  Digital Signage 

Designed for advertising in today’s marketplace, digital display signage offers multiple promotional functions in various media formats. Our Digital Signage products feature excellent display performance and users can add software to create online programming and schedules for a wide range of scenarios.

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